The DIY Laser Slingshot

Slingshots have been used as a toy and as a hand powered projectile weapon from time immemorial. They are easy to make, easy to carry around, and extremely effective against small targets (read cats and pigeons). Most of us, at some point in our lives, have ‘hand crafted’ a slingshot from a tree branch and rubber belt. With the world going digital, it is time for the ubiquitous slingshot to get a tech upgrade, too.

The Laser-guided Slingshot takes the forked wooden toy to a whole new level. It has a new age steel body and is fitted with a laser that helps the user to achieve perfect aim. A durable rubber belt helps launch your mini weapons.

The best part of the Laser-guided Slingshot is that you do not have to buy it from any store. Nor do you have to sign up for some boring program to get the more exciting Laser Slingshot. You can simply build one of your own with everyday tools and materials.

All you would need is a three and a quarter inch aluminum square tube, three bolts (two machine bolts and a flat screwdriver head bolt), a conical metal tube such as an aluminum shifter, a pair of slingshot bands, and the star of the show: a six millimeter red laser diode.

To make the body frame of the slingshot, you would need to drill three holes, through and through, on the aluminum square tube. One in the center and the other two holes at the edges of the tube. Take two machine bolts and slide it through the holes created at the edges. Next, tighten each bolt to the square tube with a lock washer and a bolt nut.

The flat screwdriver head bolt goes into the center hole, in a downward direction. With the screwdriver head bolt in place, the aluminum shifter is attached to it. The slingshot bands are plugged to the machine bolts at the edges.

To install the laser and the battery pack that will power it, you would need to drill two tiny in the horizontal frame. The laser would go on one side and would be wired to the battery pack attached to the rear of the horizontal frame.

The Laser-guided Slingshot is an extremely fun toy to have. You could store your ammunition inside the aluminum shifter and use the ammunition to fire at targets whenever you wish to. This slingshot is one for the ages.

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Via: Ubergizmo