Minimize Clutter & Noise: Wireless Earphones

Let’s face it. Our modern 2010 lifestyles have no room for chords. We are a people of motion and activity; a bunch who’s always on the go. We’ve developed hands-off telephone calls using wireless bluetooth technology, but the act of removing the chord from our solitary headphone listening seems to be ages behind. Thankfully though, it’s not completely nonexistent.

Wireless Earphones Cut the Clutter

With a perfectly apt name, Wireless Earphones are here to save the day. This receiver/headphone combo allows listeners to freely roam about without being restrained by the usual headphone chords you would expect. In fact, you can roam up to 8 meters.

As mentioned above, these earphones use a wireless emitter to send audio to the listener. Any audio device that contains an audio out jack (TVs,MP3s,CD players) can be plugged into the emitter and listened to through the earphones. And, for those who enjoy the radio, the device also sports a built in FM radio.

Wireless Earphones and Emitter

These aren’t the standard earphones you’re used to either. Each earphone is independent from the other, meaning you could use one earphone at  a time if you so choose. This also makes sharing music with someone close by much easier. The headphones need to be clipped to the listener’s ears, similar to the way most modern bluetooth devices work, and the maker boasts the lightweight design of the earphones despite the fact that they look slightly cumbersome.

Even though the device touts a very modern and accessible design, the emitter and receiver are both powered by AAA batteries, something almost unheard of in modern technology. You’ll need three AAA batteries just for the emitter and another 2 AAA batteries for the receiver. While it’s probably not a make or break for most, it would have been nice to see some other form of charging, possibly via an outlet or computer.

Wireless World of Sound Earphones

You may expect a pair of wireless earphones to cost quite a bit of money. Not these wireless earphones. For just £12.95 this clutter free piece of technology can be yours. Sure they’re no futuristic fashion statement or CrystalRoc gemmed masterpiece, but they may just get the job done.