A Shot and a Pint Drinking Glass

Drink a chilled, refreshing pint of Beer on one side and then simply flip the glass and pour a shot right down your throats. Yes you’ve got it right, it’s a single glass with a dual function, with a pint glass on one end and shot glass on the other, it’s the Shot in the Pint Drinking Glass!Shot in the Pint Glass

I’ve seen hundreds of fancy beer glasses and mugs but this pint glass which has a shot right on the inside of it stands out and I can’t help but wonder what the maker of this glass must have been thinking. Whatever that had been going on in his mind, he sure made this glass to perfection, providing a cost effective alternative to thousands of college goers like myself.

So if today’s a day you decide to drink a few beers with your roommates this glass comes in handy and if later on, after a few dozen beers your friends start pouring out shots for everyone, this Shot in the Pint Glass comes in handy again!

These fantasy-like Shot in the Pint Glasses serve as a clever add-on to your drinking glass collection and a definite way to impress your pals and available at $20 for a pair they can make any drinker’s day. Get a pair for yourself and your drinking buddy to drink your favorite brew and then simply flip the glass to down a shot.

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Via: Geekologie