A Robot’s Life Animation

Over the years, with new technology developing, the process of animation has been changing to adapt to this. This doesn’t make animation “easier” to do, but it makes creating good animations more accessible. Not only that, because of youtube and the internet, millions of more people have access to viewing these independently made animations. This particular animation is one of those that have gained semi success.dancing

This video has gained over 100 thousand views. In terms of videos being viral, this one doesn’t really cut the cake, but there are a lot of art videos on youtube alone that barely make it to 100 views. The story line is very simple: there is a little robot that does robot dancing for street money. It’s a humourous concept that is amplified by the fact that the robot is barely the size of our hands.

It’s always cute to see tiny things trying to work their way around society; there is something pathetic and beautiful about it. The video is only about a minute and a half long and could stand to be a bit longer. We barley get into the crux of the robot dancing before the video is ended. There numerous amounts of reasons that this could happen: he could have not had enough background footage, or maybe it was too time consuming. Either way, it would be nice to see the robot doing more; perhaps even seeing human reactions to the robot would be a good asset to it.

The creator says that he wants to create more of these shorts, but it would only happen if this video became viral. This is likely to happen, especially since this video is only 3 weeks old and already has made a numerous amount of hits.

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