Chobi Camera G200: A Pocket-Sized Powerhouse for Travelers

I love capturing wonderful moments of every place I go to or every fun moment spent with friends and family. Well, now that’s possible only if I have a camera with me all the time, and  Chobi Camera G200 just makes a perfect pocket size power house device!

A standard DG cam might be a little big to carry just everywhere, but Chobi Camera G200, being a dwarf, still portrays excellent features a traveler would want. With LCD a 1.44″ TFT screen, you can increase storage capacity by using microSD, microSDHC from 1 to 8GB, and well, just like the CamBall SG, this one also totally trendy, or lets say modernized look, something perfect to flaunt amongst your friends!

Getting to the technical aspects, this mini-sized cam zooms till x8, having an internal battery life of 2.15 hours, a USB charging and data cable, and capturing images of resolution 2560 x 1920ppx and record 680 x 480 pixels videos.

This ultra compact camera is worth $208, the Chobi Camera G200 is a limited edition of JTT, one of the most advanced designer in the filed of camera. Well, this Chobi Camera G200 has surely sparked some craze for all photographic lovers, easily carried in the pockets, and awesomely functional compared to its size. On a lookout for some other incredible cams? Check out the Diana Mini Cam or the Sony Alpha Cameras.

A standard DG cam might be a little big to carry just everywhere, but