Get 15% Off Diana Mini Cam With Diana Case

The Diana Mini Cam and its case are now available at a discount of 15 % through Lomography.

The very popular Austrian company Lomography is dedicated to the fine art of producing cameras and continues to offer the requisite services in its maintenance. It launched the Diana Camera way back in the 1960s and has, over the years, developed these cameras with the advancement of technology along with the changing tastes and preferences of the consumers. For the better care of the Diana Mini Camera, the company has recently introduced the new Diana Mini Case and the Diana Flash Bag.

diana mini case 1

The Diana Mini uses 35mm films and has the capacity to shoot two different file formats – rectangular and square half-frames. It comes in dimensions of 70mm x 101mm x 60mm and has features like multi exposure, film stopping, cable release, tripod mount, and built-in view finder. The Diana Mini has a Diana Flash Plug, but you would still want the additional Diana Flash to improve the lighting on the object or person that you want to capture on camera.

diana mini case

Lomography has now come up with the Diana Mini Case to protect your Diana Mini Camera. Made with vegetable-tanned leather, the case has snap buttons and looks very handsome as well. So, it’s not just about to protect your Diana Mini, it looks pretty stylish as well. The case can be fully closed to cover your camera; but you can just open the front part to click a snap!

The Diana Mini comes with the Diana Flash which is as delicate as the camera itself. The Diana Flash Bag is now here as well, made from the same material as the Diana Mini Case. Not just this, even the style and easy-to-use facilities of the bags are exactly the same. You can attach your Diana Flash Bag on to your belt with the snap buttons; and your camera is in safe hands now!

You can purchase the Diana Mini Case for $35.00 only from the Lomography website, while the Diana Mini Camera comes for $50.00. What more, you get a good discount of 15% off if you purchase both the Diana Mini Camera and the Diana Mini Case. So, you only pay $72.25 for both the goodies, and you’ve got yourself one of the precious possessions ever existed.

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Via: thelomographer