Star Trek Tricorder Replica Brings the Future to You

If you’ve ever watched just about any of the Star Trek movies or the TV series, you’re probably somewhat familiar with the operation of a Tricorder. The device was used as a handheld with a number of functions.These ranged from the rather mundane logistical stuff like recording data when they land on a new planet to sensor scanning and data analysis for important things such as whether the air was breathable or allowing a doctor to diagnose a sick patient. The Star Trek Tricorder Replica featured here is from the most recent Star Trek reboot, so it’s decidedly less terrible looking than the old and busted Tricorder from the original TV Series. Behold, the new hotness (Points for you if you get the reference here, I can’t help myself).

The replica is actually a recreation of a prop from the film, and while the looks are great, it also features the sounds from the movie too. The top and front door covers are spring loaded so that you can look appropriately geeky when you pop this baby open at your local convention. The best part about the Tricorder is that it is a cheap and easy way to round out your Trekkie costume. At only $10.90 you won’t be breaking your intergalactic bank. Unlike some other products over at Entertainment Earth, this toy is ready to go and will ship within 1-2 business days. No pre-ordering needed!

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