Mouth-Watering Angry Birds Cake Pops

The Angry Birds have destroyed structures, killed pigs and taken over the world and wherever you look there’s a geek stuck to his iPhone, pulling a slingshot, trying his best to 3 star all the levels of the game. The popularity of the game of fuming birds has been increasing by the second and with it there has been tons of Angry Birds stuff flying into the market, like these Delicious Angry Birds Cake Pops.

Angry Birds Cake Pops 1

These Cake Pops have 5 Angry Birds with different abilities. There’s the faithful red bird, the blue bird which miraculously turns into 3 birds, the yellow woodpecker bird, the self-destructing black bird and the white bird which drops eggs, all with the ability to fly right into your mouth.

Angry Birds Cake Pops 2

These lip-smacking Angry Birds Cake Pops have been made to detail, using cake balls covered in chocolate and have been dazzled with icing. Won’t it be awesome to serve these at any geek get-together or at a costume party where you’ll could even dress up as the Angry Birds? You can even add the golden eggs and the pigs to your menu!

Angry Birds Cake Pops 3

Angry Birds Cake Pops 4

So if you’re an angry fan of the Angry Birds and you’re on the lookout for other cool stuff be sure to check out the Angry Birds Toys in Action and Angry Birds T-shirts.

Via: Geekologie