Pac-Man Cookie Cutters Spice Up Any Holiday

There’s not much question that at it’s heart, Pacman is a game about eating healthy snacks…and ghosts, too. All of the score bonuses are fruit,a fter all, from cherries to..ugm..bananas or something. Anwyay the point is that with all the eating themes getting flung around, it makes sense to create other food items like, say..cookies. These Pac-Man cookie cutters are here for you.

I’m sure they’d be very popular at your upcoming office party. Sure it’ll mark you as a nerd, but geek is chic these days, right? Well if it doesn’t go as well as you hoped, you can always bite the heads off a few delicious ghosts to relieve some stress. These aren’t cheap knockoffs or handmade crafts, either. Instead, they’re officially licensed shapes from your favorite characters from the game, including Pac-Man himself and of course those terribly fast moving ghosts Inky, Blinky, and Pinky. Yeah I’m not sure what they were smoking when they made up the names, either, but there’s no going back now so just roll with it, shall we? These days they’d have to have much better names like destroyer, hungrymungry, and Ivan the Terrible…ghost. Ok fine, we’ll stick with the old names. As Strongbad once said, “I think my imagination is broken!” At least at £11.99icon (Not USD!) it won’t break your wallet, either.

If you’re looking for some other fun cookware shapes, then you’re in luck. We featured these Darth Vader spatula and pancake molds not too long ago. You can also go ahead and stick with a holiday theme for Christmas and whip yourself up a Gingerbread motherboard. Less functional, mind you, but more delicious, although it looks like you’d have a bit more leg work to do if you expect to put together a worthy gingerbread board. I suggest you go for broke and build a giant gingerbread computer, mmm…delicious.