Gary Ham’s Snowman Android Figure

Google’s Android logo/mascot is simple yet adorable, a little green robot that’s quickly become a popular icon, and certainly more interesting than Apple’s classic logo. It’s no surprise, then, that fans clamored for a 3-dimensional version to call their own. You may have seen an earlier post about the First Wave of Android Figures released by the Android team and designer Andrew Bell. Series 1 featured 12 different designs, each more charming than the last, but it will be difficult to top the new release for the holiday season.Gary Ham Android Snowman 1

This time, designer Gary Ham takes a crack at the Android mascot, morphing the lime-green robot into a festive and frosty white snowman, complete with the same movable arms and head as the originals. This little guy is just glowing with awesomeness, from his black and green-striped scarf to his carrot nose. The fact that you can pose him to some degree serves to add even more to the toy’s ‘personality’. Best of all, though, is the top hat dangling from one of the robot’s antennae.

This Snowman Android is limited edition and quickly becoming hard to find. It should be no surprise that this 3-inch tall snowman is being snatched up like crazy, and not only by Android fans. In fact, it’s been limited to one per address to try and prevent people hoarding dozens of miniature robot snowmen, not that I would blame anybody who’d attempt to build an army out of them.

Gary Ham Android Snowman 2

Gary Ham Android Snowman 3

At the moment, these figures are sold out, but customers are urged to check in regularly for new stock. If you’re lucky enough to find them in stock, you can nab one for the small price of $10, a steal for your own personal desk snowman that won’t melt in the spring. If not, you could always check out some equally Geeky Christmas Ornaments.

Via: Plastic and Plush