25 Awesome Christmas Ornaments for Geeks

Yes, it is Christmas time, so most of the homes are already decorated, the thousands of Christmas songs are playing, and all the cherished Christmas Ornaments are unpacked and placed on the Christmas Tree. In order to provide a little change from the usual ornaments we run across, we gathered here 25 awesome Christmas Ornaments that are perfect for the Geeks during this holiday season.

If all the ones below are still not enough, then you should definitely check out the huge collection of 194 Christmas Tress and Ornaments we published last year, along with specific mentions throughout the post.

Angry Birds Christmas Ornaments

angry birds christmas ornaments red bird

Angry Birds were definitely the sensation of the year, covering the iPhone, iPad, Android and also are in development to hit major video game consoles. Besides the huge collection of 55 Angry Birds Designs we seen or the newest Angry Birds Seasons release for Christmas, here are a few ornaments of the popular characters to decorate your tree with.

angry birds christmas ornaments green pig

Image: TheClockBlog

Christmas Ornaments for Apple Geeks

steve jobs christmas ornament

Image: PhotoGiddy

Some Apple fans who loved the Steve Jobs action figure would definitely be the ones to also hang such ornaments on their tree. Moreover, if you are not such a die-hard fan but really appreciate your Mac, then the Mac ornament is more of the way to go.

apple mac christmas ornament

Image: Cult Of Mac

Steampunk Christmas Ornaments

christmas ornaments steampunk art christmas ball

Image: Valeriana Solaris

The huge popularity of Steampunk Art keeps increasings, and here we have two great creations for Christmas: the Star and Ornament Ball. Both are created in the Steampunk fashion and look good enough to use as decoration throughout the year.

christmas ornaments steampunk art christmas star

Image: EK

Star Wars Christmas Ornaments

star wars christmas ornaments lego death star

Image: Chris McVeigh

star wars christmas ornaments boba fett craft

star wars christmas ornaments darth vader craft

star wars christmas ornaments yoda craft

There are literally thousands of Star Wars Christmas Ornaments available, but we selected only a few that are actually cool and geeky Christmas Craft. Now you will be able to celebrate Christmas with the great Lego Death Star or the following Star Wars characters: Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Yoda, C3PO, Princess Leia, the Stormtrooper, the Clone Trooper and good old Chewbacca.

star wars christmas ornaments princess leia craft

star wars christmas ornaments stormtrooper craft

star wars christmas ornaments clone trooper craft

star wars christmas ornaments chewbacca craft

Images: Nicola Luke

Bacon Christmas Ornaments

christmas ornament bacon angel

Image: SappyMooseTree

These Bacon Christmas Ornaments are just themed so and are not made of real Bacon. Still, lovers of Bacon would definitely appreciate the gesture and would see these as a tasty addition to the Christmas Tree.

christmas ornaments bacon 1

Image: Jean Knee

christmas ornaments bacon 2

Image: Sleepy Robot 13

South Park Christmas

south park christmas ornaments 1

south park christmas ornaments 2

south park christmas ornaments 3

What a better way to spend Christmas than with the hilarious gang from South Park. Here we have Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny and even Timmy in their most festive acts.

south park christmas ornaments 4

south park christmas ornaments 5

south park christmas ornaments 6

Images: Catty Clarke