Super Mario Bros Trailer GTA Style

Fans of the Super Mario Brothers and GTA would love the new movie trailer that combines both world and show your favorite characters in a light never seen before.

This awesome Super Mario movie from GameStation and directed by Country Club Pictures puts together a great plot which includes Mario and Luigi as tough individuals going up against the criminal world of Bowser. Within the trailer, you also find awesome renditions of Princess Peach, the Goombas, Toad, Hammer Brothers, Koopa Troopas, Bullet Bill among many more. Although the language is not something that is usually appropriate for Nintendo games, along with the awesome soundtrack, the many weapons, explosions and bad-ass characters…it is simply a perfect fit.

We are not sure what was the purpose of this trailer, but this would make for one Super Mario Brothers movie I will DEFINITELY go see.

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super mario bros movie gta mario luigi

super mario bros movie gta bowser goombas

super mario bros movie gta princess peach

super mario bros movie gta bullet bill