Golden Robot USB Flash Drive

Humankind has always been fascinated with mechanical creations that would assist him in menial and repetitive tasks. With the advance in mechanical and electronic technology, robots were born out of the human imagination. Even though we may not realize it, we are surrounded by robots and encounter them on a daily basis. One of the most recognizable robots today is the humanoid robot ASIMO, developed by Japanese car manufacturer Honda. Robots have been used in the fields of medicine, industrial production, space research, and the military. Owning a personal robot may still be a distant reality for most of us, but the Golden Robot USB Flash Drive comes very close to fulfilling that reality.

Golden colored robots have a special place in the public’s imagination ever since the gold colored, bumbling C3PO featured in the Star Wars trilogy. The Golden Robot USB Flash Drive is partly inspired by the Star Wars humanoid robot and pays homage to it, albeit in a fun, geeky manner. With a coat of shiny, gold colored paint the robot-inspired flash drive is a cool accessory to carry around.

What makes the Golden Robot USB Flash Drive stand out from the rest of the designer flash drives is that the body frame of the USB has actual movable parts. The gold colored flash drive has a pair of hands of feet attached to it that are screwed on to the body frame. The hands have an elongated, curved shape to it and the legs are square and sturdy.

Since the parts are screwed on, the user can easily rotate the hands and legs and give the Robot Flash Drive any posture they wish to. You could have the flash drive in a number of poses and show off your creativity amongst your friends. The Golden Robot USB Flash Drive comes with a cap like head that protects the connector bit of the flash drive.

The flash drive is all shiny on the outside, but it has a lot of substance on the inside too. The Robot Flash Drive is capable of carrying 4Gb of data, that too with a high sense of style. You could load music, videos, photos, documents, and the flash drive will hold it without a sweat.

Gold colored robots may burst on to the scene in the future. With the Golden Robot USB Flash Drive, you have a chance of making a style and accessory statement well ahead of its time. To own this flash drive one can buy it at the price of $24.99 only.

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