Tech-Wizards Create Animation Clip Using Google Docs

Google Docs may not be what come to your mind first when we talk about animation. However, a group of 3 talented animators used just the Google Docs to create an animated movie that consists of 450 slides. They required 3 days to finish the rather impressive animation and used only the web-based presentation software offered by Google.

The animation consists of rich imagery which depicts the growth of a flower, a balloon filled with hot air and even an amazing and dazzling representation of a city during the night. What amazes you the most if the way they have used the simple software to create an animation that features glowing city lights.

The animation was created in just one collaborative Google Doc, and with the help of figures, graphs and other presentation tool aids offered by Google, they create what could be called the most innovative presentation that I have seen so far. This of course may not mean much to those who have to create lengthy and detailed presentations but it shows that with a little effort, one could actually use the simplest of tools to create detailed and complex objects.

The presentation made with the help of Google Docs has become so popular that people have begun to call it an Epic Presentation. You might also want to read about Third Party Apps that may soon be available on the Google Docs. Ever since its launch, Google Docs has slowly taken the task of replacing expensive office applications with web based, free tools.

Google Docs also integrates chat, email and other Google services which help people to collaborate with their friends, interact while editing documents and also keep the documents open for criticism and further editing all of which could be done remotely without sharing a single computer or going through the trouble of emailing MS Office documents to everyone who is involved.

Via: Urlesque