Gingerbread TARDIS Takes You on a Journey through Time

Time travel and time machines have captured the imagination of many film-makers, writers and sci-fi authors from the beginning of 20th century and Doctor Who only proves that people are obsessed with the idea of travelling in time even to this day. While Christmas is not even a week away, people are busy baking gingerbread cakes, and a Doctor Who fan has baked a Gingerbread TARDIS which surely looks yummy and delicious.

TARDIS is the time machine used by the protagonist of Doctor Who, and it looks like a retro police box found in London during the 1950s. Apparently, the protagonist’s TARDIS was locked in this form when he visited London in 1963. Doctor Who has become synonymous with the British pop culture and so has the TARDIS. TARDIS now refers to anything that looks or appears big, but is small on the inside.

Now, that makes me wonder if the Gingerbread TARDIS only looks big but is low on calories. If that is the case, then most people who have been following weight reduction diets could bake this cool gingerbread TARDIS that has a low calorie content using artificial sweeteners. This way, one could not only enjoy traditional Christmas gingerbread cakes, but also the Gingerbread TARDIS will live up to its name of being big on the outside but small on the inside. TARDIS has been a favourite of many modders and DIY fans.

This TARDIS Ice Bucket will surely be a great way to break the ice when you have a gang of Doctor Who fans dropping by for drinks. The TARDIS Tea Infuser could just be the perfect way to begin a high tea session with a group of nerds and geeks. Meanwhile, you could try and bake the Gingerbread TARDIS yourself, and if you are unsuccessful in doing so, you could watch reruns of Doctor Who while gobbling down regular Gingerbread cakes.

Via: Total Fan Girl