This Christmas Adorn Your Christmas Tree with the White iPhone Ornament

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to hang a White iPhone Ornament on my tree! So for all those impatiently waiting to get their hands on the classy white iPhone, here’s something to keep you satisfied for a while, well at least for this Christmas!White iPhone Ornament 1

As we all are aware of and truly have no idea why it’s taking Steve Jobs and his crew so long, the white iPhone comes out in Spring of 2011 which seems light years away for now. So what can you do to kill time you ask? Well this White iPhone Ornament can miraculously pass your time until then and it’ll definitely dazzle your Christmas tree!

White iPhone Ornament 2

This White Ornament measuring 3” by 1.5” is handmade and comes in a box complete with a hook to drape your Christmas tree with this season. So start spreading the happiness, you’re getting the White iPhone this Christmas! What’s more? It’s also set with magnets so you can smack it onto your fridge post-Christmas until the real white iPhone comes in next spring.

White iPhone Ornament 3

This White iPhone Ornament, also available in the existent black version is available for $10 and will surely light up your house this festive season.

So while you’re out buying Christmas decor, amongst all the baubles, candy cane, snowmen and angels don’t forget to get the White iPhone I told you about from Mrbesilly’s shop on Etsy.

White iPhone Ornament 4

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Via: iPhonesavior