Mechanical Horse Infused With Steampunk Concept

When we see the word ‘steampunk,’ we know that the combination of technology and crazy ideas are used at its best level. So here is another fabulous creation, a mechanical horse. Well this one being different like just any other steampunk creations, the metallic horse portrays the beautiful galloping horse.

While artist Andrew Chase’s full dedication and hard work is seen in the final output of this product, the reason that inspired the pattern of the horse is none other than the most famous Leonardo da Vinci’s unbuilt sculpture.

Of course, such exotic art’s value cannot be determined, for if you just glance the pictures closely, you’ll see every minor detailing done up to its perfectionism to match the real life creature.

Such a concept, in itself, is a challenging task, but Andrew made sure to touch every minor detail in the formation of this hand-crafted metallic horse with piston legs, even if that meant longer working hours.

The sculpture now stands 27” high at the shoulder, 27” long and 8” wide and weighs 45-55lb. What if this sculpture is out for bid? Well, though I am not sure what Andrew has decided to do with this, I’m sure this masterwork might just add some elegance to your art room, if you’re an art lover.

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Via: Book of Joe