Tron Inspired Monopoly Board Game Breaks the Monotony

Monopoly might be one of the most popular board games in the world, but to play it all the time in the same manner for decades could get a little monotonous. LeetLady, a huge fan of Tron, the 1982 movie decided to give Monopoly a facelift and created this amazing board which combines the coolness of TRON and Monopoly both, and she calls it the “Tronopoly”.

The Tron themed Monopoly game comes with spaces that have names inspired by the movie TRON instead of the usual Monopoly spaces like Community Chest, Jail, Free Parking, etc. Instead, the spaces would tell you to pay tax for your computer, enter Sark office or palace, and similar spaces.

It sure would be one hell of a game, if you liked watching Tron back in the 80s. However, most of us were not old enough to watch the Tron in the 80s, but the movie’s influence has been sort of a legacy and has inspired several other movies, games and even toys. The Tronopoly seems to be one of the post-modern creations that would make sure that monopoly and Tron will live in our hearts forever.

You could download the PNG file from LeetLady’s site, and use it to play the Tronopoly. It is free and could be used for non-commercial purposes. More than a billion people have played Monopoly ever since it was created and it even reached the Guinness Book of records for the same claim. Now, Tronopoly could just help popularize Monopoly further among those who are geeks and nerds.

You could also take a look at the cool Gold Monopoly which adds a little bling to the monotonous business game. The Mario Themed Monopoly game is already super-popular among many geeks. So go ahead, and choose the right Monopoly game that you would want to play. If the classic game or its postmodern and alternate versions don’t amuse you, you could try and create your own version too!