Community Characters as the Avengers

It seems that Community is one of the most talked about shows right now, especially with their refreshing Christmas special. But although Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas episode was awesome, so is this new rendition, with the characters seen as as the tv show characters the avengers

The new Community Avengers were created by Cartoonist Chris Schweizer, for he is a big fan of the show. The ensemble consists of Jeff Winger as Iron Man, Britta Perry as Thor, Troy Barnes as Captain America (not a Donald Glover Spiderman), Pierce Hawthorne as the Hulk, and the rest of the study group.

Like the image? Chris has added different sized Wallpapers to download for other Community and/or the Avengers fans.

If you are a Comic Book fan and can appreciate some various remakes, then have a look at the Superhero Picasso paintings, which are surreal but also very geeky.