Star Wars Pinup iPhone Skins

Star Wars inspires plenty of fan art: some amazing, some sexy, and some disturbing. These iPhone skins designed by Andrew Mark Hunter featuring a variety of pinup style images manage to fall under all three categories. Some of these might actually look pretty good airbrushed onto the side of an X-Wing or Star Destroyer. Others, however, belong painted on the Death Star, doomed to be blown into space dust.

Starting with the top left, we have a female version of Darth Maul; this one is actually pretty hot with the red and black outfit, and the now-classic dual lightsaber, but that face is just as unsettling on a female as it is on Darth Maul himself.

Darth Maul Pinup Phone Skin

Next up is one of the better choices for a Star Wars geek, a female Stormtrooper clad from head to toe in the white armor we all know and love. This one gets bonus points for making the boots look more like stockings.

Stormtrooper Pinup Phone Skin

My personal favorite features another soldier of the Empire, the TIE pilot. This black-clad top gun sports much more obvious stocking-style boots and even shows off some thigh. The helmet is a tad off-putting, but any fan of the Empire should be able to roll with it.

TIE Pilot Pinup Phone Skin

Speaking of helmets, what about one of the most famous helmeted characters of all time, Darth Vader? Yes, there is a female Darth Vader skin that you can put on your iPhone. And yes, it’s eerily sexy. In naughty knee-high boots and striking a Marilyn Monroe-esque pose, Darth Vader has never been more attractive. I hope.

Darth Vader Pinup Phone Skin

If that weren’t enough to make you feel dirty, there’s always the female Tusken Raider. This desert-dwelling temptress is clad in bandages, a gas mask, and wielding a spear. If that’s your thing, more power to you!

Tusken Raider Pinup Phone Skin

The real bravery test comes with the sixth phone cover design, featuring a Mon Calamari. If you’re unfamiliar, this is the fishy race to which Admiral Ackbar of his “It’s a trap!” fame belongs to. You can make Ackbar a female, give him a low-cut dress, and stick him in a pair of knee-high boots, but you can’t make him sexy. Sorry, Admiral.

Ackbar Pinup Phone Skin

Twi’leks are easily the most sexualized of all the Star Wars races. When they’re not serving as personal slaves, they’re serving as ‘dancers’ or other entertainment. Those that do become Jedi or Senators or any other upper class still end up quite sexualized by writers, artists, etc. This phone cover, of course, is no exception, with the blue-skinned beauty in a sling bikini and sporting torn fishnet stockings: nothing out of the ordinary.

Twilek Pinup Phone Skin

I have a feeling this is the Star Wars phone skin that most of you fans would opt to get, picturing a female version of everybody’s favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett. Maybe it’s the heeled boots. Maybe it’s the tank-top style armor. Most likely, however, it’s the Mandalorian helmet. Even on the male Boba Fett we know and love, it’s a damn good looking helmet.

Boba Fett Pinup Phone Skin

Unfortunately, after the awesomeness that was female Boba Fett, we get a female Rodian holding up that annoying cackling thing from Jabba’s place (Yes, I know his name is Salacious B. Crumb). Maybe it’s just the monkey-lizard that has me not liking this image, but the spotted skin on this Rodian girl makes it look like she caught something from one of those Gamorrean guards.

Rodian Pinup Phone Skin

While some of the choices here were weird, they’re charming nonetheless if only because they aren’t something we get to see every day in the realm of Star Wars fan art. If any of these slick iPhone skins look like something you’d want, you can find them all here for $26 each. For more cool Star Wars art, check out this Mickey Mouse/Boba Fett Crossover Figure or hunt your bounties in style with Boba Fett Running Shoes.

Via: Geeks are Sexy