Tron Legacy’s Quorra in LEGO Form

With Tron Legacy in theaters, it’s no surprise that fan art continues to be created at a rapid pace. From cool mods like the Tron Legacy Xbox 360 Console to the Light Cycle LEGO Art, it’s clear that the Tron series holds a special place in the hearts of many geeks. Of course, it’s completely understandable. With Tron’s computer/tech theme, it feels like it was a movie made for geeks. Tron Legacy looks as if it will continue the trend, bringing back Jeff Bridges (also popular with fans of cult classic The Big Lebowski and the brilliant movie adaptation of Iron Man) and featuring a soundtrack by electronic music gods Daft Punk.

Of course, the trailers also bring something else to the table, the stunning Olivia Wilde who’s likely best known to fans of the TV series House. It seems that artist Iain Heath is quite enamored with her as well, as he’s decided to turn her Tron Legacy character Quorra into an awesome LEGO model. At only 12 inches tall and made of blocky LEGO bits, the model doesn’t exactly capture Olivia Wilde’s character in all her glory, but it’s remarkable nonetheless. Looking almost like pixel art due to its small scale, it still packs a ton of detail, from the black bob haircut to the design of the light cycle suit covering her body. Of course, it’s the little things that really bring everything together, which is why he’s also crafted a sword and Identity Disk for her to wield. Heck, even the black and blue platform Quorra is standing on looks pretty slick!

Tron Legacy LEGO Quorra

Tron Legacy LEGO Quorra Side View

Tron Legacy LEGO Quorra Closeup

It’s really amazing seeing some of the things people can create out of a generous handful of little LEGO bricks, whether they’re models of people, buildings, or just about anything else. For one of my personal favorites, check out these Amazing LEGO Star Wars Chess Sets.

Via: Flickr