PS Salt & Pepper Shakers: Photoshop Your Dining Experience

Most cuisines around the world are differentiated not only by their taste, ingredients and smell, but also by their presentation and the visual appeal. If there were a “geek cuisine” somewhere in the world, these Photoshop Salt and Pepper Shakers would be right in the middle of the dinner table.

The Salt and Pepper shakers come in bright blue, with the symbol/icon of Photoshop “Ps” written on them. While they sort of look out of place on a dinner table in most of our homes, a geek may not think so.

In fact, for a geek or someone who uses Photoshop regularly, the software provides his/her salary. It is no big surprise if I told you that the word “salary” comes from a Greek word which means “salt”. In the olden days, salt was used a form of currency, and these Salt and Pepper Shakers with the Photoshop logo on them could just mean that for someone who is into image editing, Photoshop is the sole reason for their “salt”.

It is interesting how Photoshop has become one of the most important software in the world, in spite of several competitive software released every other month. Its tenacity to withstand market demands, competition and changing times could perhaps be why it deserves a place on our dinner tables in the form of Salt and Pepper Shakers. It should be no surprise to you if I told you that Photoshop has inspired several designers to create products inspired by it.

These Photoshop Command Lamps light up walls in the form of crazy art. The Photoshop Evolution Image shows you the history behind its different versions, and what changes were made to the software. Meanwhile, you could order these cool Photoshop Salt and Pepper Shakers and have a hearty meal thanking this wonderful software for inspiring so many wonderful artists and designers around the world.

Via: Core 77