Super Mario Bamboo Magnets Add Fun to the Kitchen

Super Mario Bros maybe one of the most significant symbols of the video game culture, and it is no wonder that there are several artists and craftsmen who create art and craft inspired by the characters of this epic game. Travis Chen, a game designers and programme developer has tried his hands at art, and created these wonderful little sprites with magnets that could be stuck on refrigerators.

What impresses you the most is that these laser-etched magnet sets of Mario are made from high quality bamboo, and when several sprites are combined together, you could create a scene from the Super Mario game right on your refrigerator. Of course, you would need a number of parts for doing so. They are backed with neodymium and look absolutely out of this world. If you are a fan of Mario and his under-rated brother Luigi, you sure would love to have them on your fridge door, or even some other metallic surface in your house.

Apart from Mario and Luigi, you could also choose to create a castle thanks to the kit which comes with a castle and kits flag, Koopa, Goomba, Piranha Plant, clouds, bushes and various other accessories that you might need. This kit sells for $140. The simple castle set with just Mario would cost you a mere $45. It could be a great idea to go ahead and get these wonderful laser etched sprites for they would not only bring back the memories of Super Mario Bros, but also would impress your fellow-Mario fans.

You could also take a look at the Super Mario Hoodie, which would keep you warm during the winters. The Super Mario Nail Art could make any girl jealous of your style! This is just another way of showing the world that you still cherish all the memories you have about playing endlessly for hours on a rudimentary console a couple of decades ago.

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