Mac-Oven: The New Apple App That Lets You Heat Your Lunch!

Well to be honest the Mac-Oven is not exactly an App, but it is a rather ingenious application of the heat produced in your Mac-Book to heat your lunch and keep it warm and fresh until its officially lunch time.


Cooling issues have always been a huge problem for people who spend a lot of time on their laptops, not necessarily the corporate crowd but even the gaming folk face a huge problem with the cooling issues of their laptops. Now I do realize that there exist some inventions like the laptop cooling pad, and other cooling devices and gizmos, but what people fail to recognize in their despair is the tremendous application of the law of conservation of energy.


Two young designers co-working under the mane of Mathery, have shown the world that an idea can change your life; as simple as it seems, their idea of creating a thermally insulated chamber over which your Mac-Book can easily rest and then harnessing the heat produced by your laptop to heat the food is quite impressive, and is probably a bit more practical than the cooling pads.


But wait just there, even though it looks simple enough that you could make one for yourself, you should probably look on the flipside, since there is heating involved, water vapor might form and since your laptop is right above the insulated chamber it might begin to condense on it, which spells absolute disaster for anyone!

So it turns out that the cooling pads are really very efficient after all, like the Spacestation cooling pad, miniature usb cooling pad, or lifesaving ThermaHelm.