Artist Unveils Postmodern Star Wars Trilogy Posters

Stars Wars is not really associated with contemporary art, but is more associated with geek art. However, this particular artist has engaged himself in a self initiated poster project that oozes postmodernism from the edges.

Jamie Bolton has tried to re-imagine the Star Wars original trilogy posters in his own unique way, and the end result is something abstract and difficult for most people to comprehend. The use of gray canvas and white and red to depict the heavenly bodies and the universe around us is a unique way to describe the Star Wars original movie.

He has used just the white and black colours to describe “The Empire Strikes Back” and it almost makes you wonder towards which direction the ominous black arrows are shooting. Return of the Jedi also has the green centre and white arrows in the inward direction while the black arrows shoot out.

This could possibly mean that the noble Force will bring back the Jedi and the philosophy of the Jedi which almost became a religion for sometime among Star Wars fans. Of the three posters, Return of the Jedi seems to be the most prolific and could in fact be a metaphor to deeper understandings of the cosmos and how the universe works.

The microcosm and the macrocosm are concepts inherent to the Star Wars trilogy and they are well represented in these original and postmodern posters of Star Wars trilogy. If you could get these posters, you might one day realize that you are in possession of valued geek art that could fetch a lot of money at some art sale.

Art and geek culture do not always seem to go hand in hand, but honestly speaking, a lot of geeks have created their own brand of art. This form of art may not find approval from mainstream art schools, but they sure have a fan following of their own. You could also take a look at Steampunk Star Wars Art and Star Wars Stitch Art.