FLUD: Share and Edit Feeds on iPhone and iPad

Internet users would be familiar with RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds and what they do.  Any user who wishes to be updated about new content that is generated from a website or blog simply needs to subscribe to the RSS feed embedded on that page. RSS has been the most successful in structuring the limitless data of the internet and allowing users to keep a tab on their favourite websites.

With Wi-fi connectivity, the internet is now available on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablet PCs. Users who access their net through cell phones and tablet PCs would also want to bookmark sites and stay updated. FLUD is an Apple app that allows users the same benefits of the RSS format.

The Apple app has been designed with the dual purpose of impressing the user with its clean and sophisticated visual layout while maintaining a basic simplicity about it. FLUD allows users to bookmark sites and stay updated about the latest content by arranging the required information in a grid based format. The app is simply gorgeous to look at and functions with effective ease.

To get started, you would have to download the app (for no cost) and install it on your mobile device or tablet PC. Double click on the FLUD icon and the app opens up to a beautiful, grid based user interface. With a simple tap, the user can add their favourite text, audio, and video content to the grid.

In its initial release, FLUD allows users to add up to 30 feeds, which would be displayed on the grid. The app’s primary function is of web syndication, but the richly designed FLUD goes beyond that.

Users can not only add feeds, they can also broadcast them, save it for later reference, and even share it with friends on Facebook. FLUD goes beyond being a web syndication tool with innovative features and its social media plug in. The app allows users to become more than just consumers of information floating around the web. With FLUD, users have the ability to ‘influence’ the web community at large with the content they choose to stream on the app.

As far as apps go, FLUD has been generating a lot of interest among internet users and has gathered impressive reviews from tech critics. One reason why this particular app is being talked about is that it focuses more on simplicity of use than on wowing the audience with a multitude of features.

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Fubiz Via: The Flud