The Belkin Energy Saving Conserve Valet

Benjamin Franklin’s accidental discovery of the electricity is a well known fact all over and around. But little would he have known that his discovery would gain such importance as it carries today. Electricity has taken up such space in our lives and has become inevitable to do without. The ways of producing energy and ways in which it is put to use are innumerous and more importantly, interesting. In the current scenario, the usage of electricity has spread to such an extent that we are trying to find ways to conserve it.

Well now, Belkin has spread expanded the arsenal of its products in their conserve section. They have brought out the Belkin Conserve Valet, which in short serves as a USB charging hub. But it is not just any charging hub or station, rather carries a lot of additional features along with it, which are extremely thoughtful. The idea behind the product is described in four words, ‘save energy, reduce clutter.’

In an era, in which the people are becoming tech obsessed at a high rate, this charging hub would prove extremely useful. Most equip themselves with all sorts of possible mobile gadgets starting from a simple mobile phone to media players, game controllers, digital cameras and to what not. The main problem the techies would face is the scene of all the long cables tangled, a confused untidiness, which is highly unpleasant. But Belkin’s Conserve Valet is designed in such a way that it helps reduce all that clutter and helps keep everything tidy. The USB cords of the devices can be kept away, out of the scene, securely by winding them around the hub’s base. Moreover, the Conserve Valet is a compact device and thus takes very little space when placed on the desk or table.

The Valet occupies just one outlet to procure energy but it lets four USB powered gadgets to be charged at once. The hub has three USB ports located at the behind and the fourth on the side. Once put to charge, the gadgets could be placed on top of the charging station.

The best and the most thoughtful part about this device is that it is energy saving. It can detect when the gadgets are fully charged and it automatically shuts off the power supply and thus avoids consumption of power while on standby mode. Also it’ll automatically switch on when it has detected a gadget to be charged has been placed.

An intelligent, innovative creation, you should own!

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Via: Belkin