Pogoplug: The New Storage Device for Digital Data

Information has undergone a digital transformation in the internet age. Be it personal information such as documents, photos, files and folders, or media such as music and videos. Storing all this digital information has become a critical aspect of the new millennium.Storage apart, accessing your digital data is another crucial element. Quick access to folders containing favorite tracks, videos, or personal data such as a presentation or word document is imperative. There are accessories that allow a user to do this: flash memory drives and portable hard disks.

To access data stored on flash disks and hard drives, they need to be connected to a computing source. Since web technology has evolved to such an extent that you can stay connected anytime anywhere through GPRS and wireless networks, maybe it is time for a gadget that will allow users access to their digital information anytime anywhere.

Pogoplug is a digital accessory that allows users to access their digital content through a secure online location. With Pogoplug there is no longer a need to carry portable memory drives around. An internet connection is all that is required to browse through the digital data.

The new age digital accessory looks and functions like a stylized portable hard disk. It has sleek body frame and a rectangular steel case that covers the chips and circuits. The vital difference is that you can connect a number of hard drives and flash drives to Pogoplug and access/share your data online.

Pogoplug is an extremely simple device to use. First, you would need to set up an account at My.Pogoplug.com, which takes about ten seconds. Once the account is set up, you can access the content on the various memory drives connected to the device through the webpage.

An intelligent feature of Pogoplug is that you can access data from the comfort of your smart phone. Just log on to the account you have created on the Pogoplug web page and gain instant access to your data. The device has a social media integration feature that allows you to share photos, music, videos with your friends.

For all its new age features, Pogoplug is an economical device to have at hand. The user needs to pay a onetime amount of $129. There are no hidden costs or monthly fees that need to be paid for using the web service.

With Pogoplug, the user can have an immediate access to an unlimited amount of data.

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