20 Striking Star Wars Helmets

The Star Wars series has inspired people around the world in several ways. You can see its influence in almost every aspect of human life – from gadgets to clothes. However, nothing can beat the style and panache that comes from wearing these 20 striking Star Wars helmets.

Brass Stormtrooper Helmet

This epic Stormtrooper Helmet also known as the “Brasstrooper” is one of the coolest helmets you must have come across. You do not have to be a Star Wars fan to take a look at this “Brass Stormtrooper Helmet” and agree that it is one of the beautiful and geeky helmets you have ever seen, probably all geeks will be in agreement with you too.

Steampunk Stormtrooper Helmet

For some reason, steampunk anything seems cool, but when you steampunk a stormtrooper helmet, you can be sure that you’ve got something really cool on your hands. Of course, there wasn’t any steampunk stormtrooper running around in Star Wars, but you have to admit that this “Steampunk Stormtrooper Helmet” created by Brian Rood is extremely cool.

The Darth Vader Helmet

Darth Vader is the greatest screen villain to have ever been created. The Empire’s evil enforcer, the dark lord of the Sith and Luke Skywalker’s father, by his looming figure has made many of you shudder in their seat. So here are few helmet designs in which the designer has given a different look to this greatest villain. Darth Vader helmets will surely make many heads turn around when you wear them next time while riding your bike.

Inside the Elusive Darth Vader Mask

If you had always wanted to wear Star Wars Darth Vader’s Mask but did not know if it would be comfortable or not, then here is how the inside of a Darth Vader mask looks like.

Darth Vader Mask

For those who don’t know, Darth Vader is the lead antagonist of the iconic Star Wars series. The evil master of the dark side has come to invade your soul once again with this fabulous “Darth Vader Mask”.  This mask has been created with junk items such as hard drives, drive heads, bearings, read/write heads, etc from old computers.

Ralph McQuarrie Darth Vader Helmet Concept

Science fiction fans know the name Ralph McQuarrie. The monstrous and the very sinister looking “Darth Vader Helmet” is a concept helmet from Ralph McQuarrie. These helmets, in one word, can be named as unique and one of a kind as they have made them the latest buzz of the town, so much that any youngster will fall prey to this Darth Vader Helmet in the first look itself.

Steampunk Stormtrooper Helmet: Red Dog 3

Star Wars fans Lawrence Noble and Shane Curran created RED DOG-3, an incredible Steampunk vintage styled Stormtrooper helmet that surprisingly took only 60-hours to complete. Copper, leather, plastic, brass and black walnut and even real hair have been used to give these helmets a scary and out of the world look.

Stormtrooper Helmet

If you love the TV show ‘LOST’ and the ‘Star Wars’ movie, you will fall head over heels for the “Stormtrooper Helmet” which is inspired from TV series LOST. This helmet was created for the 501st’s charity auction by Amy Vatanakul, a precocious painter which features an artistic recreation of the show’s plane crash, as well as a few famous signatures.

Darth Maul Stormtrooper Helmet

Ray Park’s Darth Maul inspired stormtrooper helmet is eye-catching with quality design work on it. This “Darth Maul Stormtrooper Helmet” has a sun-colored orange as the base color of the helmet. In order to get the real look, black is used on the orange base to shape mean lines and look. The rear side of the helmet has two orange squares standing out against a black background. The horns sticking on top of the helmet’s skull gives this Darth Maul Stortrooper Helmet a complete look.

Boba Fett Lego Brick Helmet

Boba Fett brick creation certainly deserves appreciation for the hard work. This “Boba Fett Helmet” is made from Lego bricks. If you have been a fan of Lego and other brick art, you certainly would love this. For Star Wars fans, well, less said the better.

Avatar Stormtrooper Helmet

Did you ever wonder what Stormtrooper would look like in the Avatar world? Well he seems to be pulled out of Death Star to get a taste of the Navi life. Denise Vasquez has completed her Avatar themed helmet that is so very unique. The “Avatar Stormtrooper Helmet” is an interesting hybrid between the two fantasy films. Taking the Star Wars Stormtrooper shape and adding Avatar Navi accents like the blue helmet color and beaded braids, this helmet is definitely something that will make you take a second glance.

Boba Fett Lego Armor

Boba Fett has always been classic character from the Star Wars saga and with the popularity of Lego figures the creator has created this armor from lovable and colorful Lego bricks. Along with Lego armor this cool Lego suit includes the great jetpack we saw in the Star Wars movies.

Cheshire Cat Stormtrooper Helmet

One look at the “Cheshire Cat Stormtrooper Helmet” is all it takes to fall in love with this creative piece of art from Jamie Snell. Who would have thought that the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland would look so good with a Star Wars spin? The Cheshire Cat Stormtrooper helmet is part of the ongoing TK Helmet Project from the 501st Stormtrooper Legion benefiting the Make a Wish Foundation. A charity event with a geeky spin is a great way to get people involved in helping others. Check out the related trends to see more helmets from the TK Project.

Slimer Stormtrooper Helmet

If you love sci-fi then you’re going to love the “Slimer Stormtrooper Helmet”. The helmet is a mash-up of ‘Ghostbusters’ and a ‘Star Wars’ stormtrooper. The Slimer Stormtrooper Helmet was designed and crafted by Nicole Falk as a part of the Vader’s 501 Legion’s TK Helmet Project. This Ghostbuster-Star Wars Storm Trooper helmet is a piece of art.

Boba Fett Helmet

The Star Wars “Boba Fett Helmet” is perfect collectible if you’re a Star Wars fan. Featuring an adjustable rangefinder battle-weary paint display stand and much more this incredible recreation of Boba’s famous helmet can be yours. Constructed of plastic and die-cast parts, it’s the preferred headgear of fashion-conscious bounty hunters everywhere.

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Boba Fett Motorcycle Helmet

This is a motorcycle helmet made for fans of Star Wars. It is made to look like the mask of Star Wars character Boba Fett – a bounty hunter. The helmet looks quite toxic in nature, especially with the dirty and mossy green painted on it and worn off black and red paints as well. The helmet looks sinister enough that a traffic cop might just stop you on the road thinking you would be up to something evil.

Viking Stormtrooper Helmet

The “Viking Stormtrooper Helmet” combines two of the coolest things ever. This hardcore handy helmet was created by Tory Belleci can add authentic Viking flavor to your parties. With the right material and right design, this helmet is a masterpiece. And if you are a Star Wars fan, then it gets even better.

Star Wars Scout Trooper Helmet

You could drive your neighbors and friends crazy by wearing this “Star Wars Scout Trooper Helmet”. This helmet is a proper replica of the helmet from Star Wars. Scout Trooper were first found in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

Star Wars Trooper Helmet

This clone trooper captain helmet is a 1:1 scale replica created by the relatively new Star Wars prop replica company, eFX. The helmet features a LED reflector at the back and “slight weathering”, just as it appears in Attack of the Clones film from 2002.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Papercraft

Now check this out, this might be a simple “Imperial Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Papercraft” but if you look closely at the model you can see that it has all the right folds and curves. This is what papercrafting is all about, not only are the polygons kept at a minimum, it’s smoothen out to create a near perfect replica of what you’re trying to transform into papercraft.

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