The Nature Jam Speakers

Nowadays, technology demands the enclosure of glass, metal or plastic. But who’s ever seen anything encased by wood? Introducing: natural-looking wooden mini speakers from Motz.

Motz 1

Hand crafted and very old-fashioned – other than its capacity to play MP3s – the Motz wooden speakers are a must-have for anybody with a taste for cozy and traditional settings. Seeing as they’re one of the few speakers with a wooden design to sport a USB port, they may be your only option! Handcrafted from natural cut apricot wood, these speakers scream quality.

For such a small accessory (40x61x24), the Motz wooden speaker has a wide range of input capacity. As mentioned above, its USB port allows you to plug in a USB flash drive or your iPod if you’d like a wide range of music to choose from. The USB port is also the speaker’s charging dock.

Up to date with the latest technology, another feature of the Motz speakers is its port for SD memory cards. And guess what? It’s even got a remote that allows you to make use of all of its functions from a distance!

Another great thing about these speakers is its built-in FM radio. If you’re ever bored of your same old tunes, just click on the dial and tune in to your favorite radio station!

The handiest thing about the Motz speakers is that it’s a portable music-playing device. Whether you’re using a USB flash, SD memory card or listening to the radio, you can take the speakers wherever you want. You can play your tunes out of the speaker itself, or you can plug your headphones into its headphone jack.


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Via: Motz Wooden Mini Speakers