Blu-Ray Succesor Under Works; Called Archival Disc

Panasonic and Sony have confirmed to be working on their next-gen disc format, called the Archival Disc. This would replace the current Blu-Ray as the highest quality format yet.

archival disc

It seems it was only a couple years ago when we were debating if the next gen format would be Blu-Ray or HD-DVD, but now that’s old history, and Blu-Ray could potentially go the way of the vinyl. The new format will be known as Archival Disc, and will be capable of holding up to 300GB of data, with plans to eventually expand this to one terabyte. For reference, the highest capacity Blu-Ray discs right now can carry up to 25 GB in their one layer edition, and 50 thanks to dual-layer.

All this space is meant to be used, for example, by video games or home movies which would now be able to be displayed in higher resolution up to 4K. Also, the prospect of having an entire season of your favorite show in just one disc is quite something, isn’t it?

Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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