Mitsubishi Launches Blu-Ray Recording LCD TVs

Every once in a while a brand  new kind of device comes on the market that is less a complete changing of the genre and more a tweak that may make other products strive to copy them in future.  The new line of Mitsubishi LCD TVs fall into that category.

Of course we all know that the public these days will rarely buy a television that doesn’t have at least one of three different options.  The television must be high definition (a tech that was only for the uber wealthy just a decade ago is now the norm) or it must be able to connect to the internet either through an outside device or through the television itself.  The final feature that a new TV must have is the ability to play Blu-Ray discs.  Of course this last feature is usually only through separate Blu-Ray players, but that is slowly changing.

Now Mitsubishi has launched a new line of televisions that will allow you to not only watch Blu-Ray discs on the LCD TVs without having to buy a separate player but you can also record onto Blu-Ray discs whatever programming you would like.  These new televisions are being called the “Luoluo REAL Record” televisions and come with the Blu-Ray player and recorder embedded right into the stand in a fashionable way so that it does not become obtrusive.

Of course, being able to record onto a Blu-Ray disc is only part of the fun of this new brand of television that is designed to be compact enough to fit into the corner of a room with incredibly easy installation.  While the recorder can store up to 12 hours of Blu-Ray shows, it can also record up to 540 hours of television programming and then fire that recorded content over to the Blu-Ray disc in order to record regular television into crystal clear pictures.  The 22 inch screen television is set to officially become available on July 21st but as of right now we don’t yet have a pricetag for this particular line of televisions but it doesn’t seem as though these particular sets will be exorbitantly priced.