BlueAnt F4 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Headset Review [CES 2010]

bluetooth helmet headset set

As a motorcycle rider, I have looked at different Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Headsets and was fortunate enough to be able and try out the new F4 Interphone systems from BlueAnt after being introduced to it at the CES 2010 earlier this month.

bluetooth helmet headset blueant f4 package

The BlueAnt F4 Interphone system provides a universal kit that consists of four different possibilities granting a rider a lot more freedom. This Bluetooth headset is made to work for Bluetooth cellphone conversations, Intercom communication between different riders in a pack, GPS directions and also grants the ability to listen to your Cellphone’s music while on the bike.

Now I must first begin by mentioning that I do not condone dangerous road habits and while the BlueAnt F4 Motorcycle Headset provides the ability to listen to music along with the rest, such use could divert a rider’s attention from the road and may be hazardous. It is up to the rider’s discretion how and when to use the Headset, and this post is a review only.

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The F4 Interphone Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Headset from BlueAnt grants all the possibilities any Motorcycle rider wishes from a Bluetooth headset. While riding on the road, you are able to easily and conveniently answer your phone, speak to the other riders in your pack, listen to music streaming from your cellphone and even listen to the point by point GPS directions. Moreover, depending on the actual Cellphone’s features and abilities, a rider can make and answer calls using voice commands, making it a lot more convenient and reducing hazardous actions a bit.

bluetooth helmet headset blueant f4 contents

I was very excited to try the BlueAnt F4, for I have wondered how good the call quality would be and was hoping to finally be able and use my iPhone’s GPS directions and not simply write a note and paste it to my gloves. With the F4 Bluetooth Headset, this was an amazing convenience that simply opened up a new world for me. I can only imagine how riders who go on frequent trips could enjoy such a feature, and along with being able to speak to others on the trip, one could really find a whole new world open up for them. No more studying directions prior to leaving, stopping while on the road to have a second look at the written directions, slowing down to re-assess your position or worrying about your location arrival.

bluetooth helmet headset piece

Although the Bluetooth headset is Universal and will fit both open face and full faces motorcycle helmets, the installation of the BlueAnt F4 Interphone system is not a convenient one. The thing is, every helmet is different, and the comfort of your helmet is a major issue for most (if not all) riders. You do not want the headset to bother you while riding both because of comfort and of course…to avoid any hazards. Still, after messing with the parts for a while and attaching all the components at the comfortable areas (some trial and error was required), I realized the difficult part was behind me, and now  we can finally see how good the voice and sound quality is.

bluetooth helmet headset boom mic

I first tried the Bluetooth Headset while on solid ground, simply to get used to the controls (3 simple buttons: volume up, volume down and the power/answer). I made a few calls and was excited at the clarity and comfort, and was also curious as to what it is like to listen to music inside my helmet…it was fun.

On the road, the F4 Interphone headset works rather well, and I was able to talk on the phone without any difficulties. With the voice control possibilities, I was able to answer a call by simply saying “Hello”, which was refreshing and simple. Using the cellphone’s GPS directions was also a wonderful addition, for I was able to follow directions as in a car but could maintain my eyes on the road and ride as I do normally. I was still not comfortable enough to listen to music while riding on the motorcycle, but that is a personal choice that I decided about prior to getting on the bike.

bluetooth helmet headset blue ant f4

Overall, besides the annoying installation and the obvious hazards of a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet DIY, the BlueAnt F4 Interphone Bluetooth Headset was a refreshing gadget to use while riding the motorcycle. Moreover, it has great possibilities that I have yet to try out which include being waterproof if you are caught in the rain, the Intercom ability which could be extremely convenient on road trips, the music streaming to entertain on the bike and more.

For full technical specs and features, you can check out BlueAnt directly. The F4 Interphone Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Headset runs for approximately $250 and as they make sure to mention…does not include a helmet.

Please remember, while riding your motorcycle…stay aware of your surroundings, stay alert and drive safely…no matter what headset, helmet or motrocycle you own.

bluetooth helmet headset blueant f4