Hands-Free Voice-Controlled Speakerphone S4 from BlueAnt [Hands On Review]

We were first introduced to the S4 Speakerphone from BlueAnt back at CES 2011 and while we were highly impressed, we didn’t fall in love until we actually tried it out.

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The S4 Voice controller speakerphone is a true delight for those making frequent calls while on the road. Not only does it provide high quality voice calls, but it provides handsfree features that really allow you to keep your eyes on the road and maintain an audible conversation.


The S4 is not the most compact Bluetooth speakerphone out in the market but it is not the largest either. Furthermore, it easily clips on to your visor, so its size does not remain relevant and both its functionality and usefulness outweigh any doubts.


BlueAnt makes it easy to use, enjoy and control the S4 in order to remain in contact with friends, family and business colleagues on the road. It consists of a high quality speakersphone, granting audio quality over 100 dB and a noise canceling Microphone, so voice calls are tue, crisp and as expected. Moreover, it is also able to connect to two phones at a time, so if you are traveling with a passenger, both may connect and thus answer based on which phone rings.

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Voice Control:

The BlueAnt¬† (http://www.myblueant.com/index.php)voice control features are amazing for a hands free connection that includes making and receiving calls in addition to status messages such as battery strength, bluetooth connection and more. To start the functionality, all you need to do is say “BlueAnt Speak to Me” and the conversation will begin to guide you towards your smartphone need. For individuals such as my father, who always maintain that technology is not any simpler, speaking out the simple phrase of “What Can I Say” will provide the options available with the voice control. This means that whenever in need or confusion, the BlueAnt S4 Speakerphone will guide you.

When actually making calls, the S4 has access to your contact list, so you can make a call by contact name and or number. GPS directions provided on your smartphone are spoken to you, as you would receive in a specific GPS device.

s4 bluetooth heands free blueant


We were highly impressed with the features of the S4 Speakerphone from BlueAnt when first introduced and became great fans after our first use. Not only did it grant clear sounding voice calls when on the road, it also provided access to the features we needed without having to learn commands by heart or keep the manual nearby.

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At approximately $75, it is an affordable, practical and efficient gadget that is a must for on-the-road geeks who make many of the calls on the road and need to keep their hands on the wheel.