Sensory Overload: Steampunk Star Wars

There are moments in life when it feels like the stars in heaven have alligned – a cathartic event that makes you re-examine what it means for you to be alive. As soon as you wake up, your food tastes better. You look outside your window and the grass looks greener. I can only somewhat describe this abstract feeling and yet I’m almost 100% certain that this is how Bjorn Hurri must have felt the entire time he was drawing these steam-punk insipired Star Wars pictures. I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone took on the momentous undertaking of having to combine two of geek culture’s most cherished objects – and let me tell you, the resulting images are truly greater than the sum of their parts.

Han Solo

Behold! First up is the female heartthrob and mercenary/smuggler Han Solo. He’s looking a little more disheveled than Harrison Ford’s portrayal and a little less – blase. On the other hand, he looks somewhat more believable as a supposed mechanic of the Millenium Falcon.


I let out a little chuckle when I first saw BjornHurri’s interpretation of C-3PO, mostly because I never imagined him to be so debonair (I think it’s the red tie). He also looks a little more spritly despite his…knapsack which I can only assume contains his favorite paperback novels (No – but really, it’s probably filled with well…steam. He is a robot after-all).


Yoda apparently dies of natural causes in The Return Of The Jedi, which leads me to believe that before Luke’s visit, he must not have been feeling too good (probably still feeling the sting of his exile as well). BjornHurri’s drawing here seems to embody a more sickly looking Yoda. He sort-of looks like a blind and hairless Chihuahua or the bastard child of a house elf and Gollum. He still looks wise and cryptic though – but perhaps more willing to give advice on where to find the best drugs on Tattoine (The Cantina).

Princess Leah

Princess Leah, the best shot in the galaxy, has never looked better. On a scale of “How revealing Leah’s clothes can be” this outfit falls somewhere in between her awful white tarp and her bronze bikini (clubbing attire). Still – her dress looks a little too long for her to be ready to “flee” at any given time, one of her favorite pass times.

Bobba Fett

Bobba Fett seen here, inexplicably makes me feel like replaying the game MDK. He has a knapsack that I assume allows him to fly, but also leaks yellow goop. The coolest thing by far in this picture is the sexeh gun.

Storm Trooper

From here on, the pictures are only works in progress, but they are nonetheless amazing sketches. Here we have the rebel-kicking Storm Trooper – one that could be proud to have imperial in his title.

Luke Skywalker

Holy light-saber Luke. Although idolized by most younger Star Wars fans, Luke doesn’t hold a candle to Han Solo in terms of “coolness”. He has no romantic prospects the entire trilogy save for that one dubious kiss with his sister in Empire Strikes Back and he seems to be married to his ideals and convictions. Maybe he could’ve been more successful with the ladies if he looked a little more like this. While light-sabers are typically known to look sleek and understated (besides Darth Maul’s show-offy one), this steam punk version looks ready to not only sever limbs, but also to melt faces.


Chewbacca looks more or less the same in this picture – maybe a little angrier than usual, which makes sense considering he’s misunderstood by pretty much everyone.

Dear BjornHurri,
You are Awesome. Now go – and continue being awesome.

(I should probably mention that there are, in fact, other instances of steam-punk and Star Wars mash-ups. Meet barrel R2-D2 and some steampunk inspired Star Wars masks.