Voice-Controlled Car Speakerphone S4 from Blue Ant [CES 2011]

Though most phones come with a hands-free set, they don’t really keep your hands free anyway, because you would still need to use your fingers to either make or receive calls.

Blueant S4 is one such device that is truly hands-free, for you could actually talk to your phone with the help of this gadget. The gadget is being touted as the first true hands-free voice-controlled Bluetooth car Speakerphone. The S4 also opens the world of Internet for you, when you are at the steering wheel. With just a few voice commands, you can not only make or receive calls, but also get the latest stock quotes, movie times, directions, weather and traffic updates, and such other information.

This is possible because the S4 integrates with Microsoft BING-411. Apart from voice access to the world, you would also be able to listen to your music thanks to A2DP Streaming. The free Android application lets you connect to your Android device. It also helps you not take your hands off the steering wheel by reading out every text message that you receive.

If you cannot remember all the commands, you could just say “What Can I Say” and the S4 will “speak out” all the commands for you to choose. When you purchase the Blueant S4k, you would also get free updates when they are made available in the future. It is a boon for those who are addicted to their phones and can’t stop using their communication gadgets even while driving.

The Blueant S4 not only lets you use your phone hands-free, but also makes sure that you drive safely, and that there are no accidents happening due to the usage of cellphones.  You could also take a look at the Bluetooth Steering Wheel, which allows for some amount of hands-free usage as well. The Bluetooth Helmet for motorcycles is a cool DIY design.