Blueshift Hydrogen Is an Ultra-Fast Charging Supercapacitor-Powered Speaker

Thought that Nexus 6’s 15 minutes of charging/6 hours of use ratio was impressive? Wait till you hear what the Hydrogen speaker can do!

Bluetooth speakers seem to be all the rave now, mostly due to their unequaled convenience. While in most cases you have to worry about battery life instead of tangled wires that never seem to be long enough, it’s easier to fire up your music on the smartphone or tablet and listen to it anywhere you want. However, Blueshift Hydrogen is the type of Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t make you panic whenever its battery runs out. Thanks to the included Supercapacitors, this speaker is up again in no time, even though you need to make a small compromise.

Just five minutes of charging will enable you to listen to music for more than four hours at 80% of the volume. Maybe that doesn’t sound right for partying, but then again, I doubt that these speakers were created with parties in mind. Another great news is that the included battery can be charged up to half a million times before starting to wear out. In case you want to listen music on a device that doesn’t feature Bluetooth A2DP, you can connect it to Hydrogen via a 1/8″ cable. A wall charger is provided for replenishing the energy of the speaker when it runs out.

The 9 x 8 x 4-inches bamboo cabinet is home to a 3-inch full-range driver that should deliver crystal clear sound. What I like the most about the design of this wireless speaker is that it’s nothing overcomplicated. In fact, manufacturers claim that a clean design is exactly what they wanted, probably hoping that it would transmit the potential buyers the idea that the sound is equally clean.

Blueshift Hydrogen is currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaing on CrowdSupply. With 27 more days to go and 49% raised out of the $10K needed for mass-producing the speaker, chances are this project will be a success! Anyone who pledged $300 as an early bird or $330 as a regular backer should expect to receive the speaker in January or March, respectively. There are plenty of other options for the wealthier backers. Even the cost paid by early birds might seem a bit steep, but innovation comes at a price, most often.

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