Bluesmart Connected Carry-On Is a Futuristic Piece of Luggage

It was about time suitcases received an upgrade! Bluesmart is a connected carry-on that’s aware of its location and weight, and can track the places it has been to, among many other things.

Bluesmart may not be the first piece of luggage capable of weighing itself, as the TUL suitcase comes with a similar feature. However, the similarities pretty much stop there, and Bluesmart comes out as the obvious winner. Being connected on its own and helping people stay connected are two very important steps towards having an extremely pleasant experience while traveling.

Right after picking it up from the handle, Bluesmart’s integrated weight sensors start transmitting data to the companion app via Bluetooth. A way to weigh in real time the things you need to take with you would’ve probably been better, but this still works wonders. The built-in scale will make sure you’re not charged extra when checking-in because your luggage is heavier than it should.

Secondly, the Bluesmart suitcase is all about guarding your things. It includes a digital lock that is secured via the app, and when the suitcase feels it’s not near you, it locks itself up. If somehow it gets lost, all you need to do is fire up the app and see its location on the map. Mind you, the lock is compliant with TSA regulations, so they can open the suitcase if they need to.

Not at last, this smart suitcase features a built-in charger so you can keep your mobile devices powered while waiting at the airport. Safety measures have been tighten in the recent past, and if you have mobile devices that don’t power on, you risk have them confiscated. When going through the security check, you can easily remove the electronic devices from the suitcase, as it features a separate compartment for them that unlocks easily.

The connected suitcase is the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo at the moment. A very successful crowdfunding campaign, I might add, since it garnered more than 14 times the funding goal of $50K. The Super Early Adopter and Early Adopter spots are long gone, so if you want a Bluesmart carry-on, you will have to pledge at least $235, and you should receive yours in August 2015. For all the features it has, I’d say that this is quite a decent price.

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