Assassin’s Creed Kitten Cosplay Is Deadly Cute

Don’t underestimate these furry assassins, they’re purrfectly trained bounty hunters.

Assassin’s Creed kitten cosplay image

Our geeky love for cosplay has now caught on with our feline friends. From the website that brings the Internet an endless daily supply of “the cute” from the animal kingdom,, is a cast of kittens donning the shadowy robed figures of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed.

How effective would a legion of kitten assassins be in eliminating their target? Well, in this following video (made by YouTuber Mr.TVCow), apparently good enough to take out a bunch of British Redcoats. And in the most adorably possible way, too! Leaping off tiny ledges, jumping into small mounds of hay, and parkour-ing through rocky terrain.

Now, I’m not so exactly sure how they take down their intended mark without having accurately-sized weapons (or how they would even hold them without opposable thumbs for that matter), but I’m going to guess their target’s have strong cat allergies. Anyway, take a look!

Source: Cheezeburger

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