Bluetooth Scale to Accompany Lose It! Dieting App

A scale that transmits the results wirelessly to your smartphone is meant to save you the trouble of entering all that data manually.

If you come to think about it, scales were among the few things left that didn’t connect to your smartphone. There are smart forks that tell on you regarding how much and how fast you are eating, smart salt meters, and probably there are smart plates, too. People who have a normal weight might think that a scale is not something that is used that often, but the under- and overweight ones might beg to differ. Monitoring your progress while trying to lose weight is essential, especially since it’s a way of motivating yourself to go further. In this context, scales become very important, so the attempt to improve these devices shouldn’t pass unnoticed.

Of course, there are people who claim ironically that typing the weight into an app is a real chore. They are partially right, but I don’t understand why that can’t appreciate such things. Supposing that this smart device saves you a couple of seconds, if you added all the smart devices that you use daily, you’d notice that people could spend a lot more time on these tasks by taking the alternative route.

CEO Charles Teague wanted to point out that FitNow, the developer of the Lose It! dieting app has no intentions of becoming a hardware manufacturer. It certainly looks like FitNow took an unusual route, as it’s usually hardware manufacturers who end up making apps for their products and not the other way around. As Teague said, “The biggest thing is we saw the opportunity in the market for a scale that we think is really appealing to mass consumers. We can do more with Lose It when we can count on people having a scale or activity tracker. If there were a scale at this price point already, it would be a lot harder to justify.”

The Lose It! Bluetooth scale is currently available for pre-orders, and anyone interested in buying one will have it shipped in October. An alternative is to go to a Walmart store, as the manufacturer plans to feature it there, as well. Considering that besides body weight, this scale also displays hydration levels and the body mass index, it’s price of only $49 makes it quite the bargain.

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