B&N Launches NOOK GlowLight Plus Waterproof eReader

Ebook readers are often advertised as being used by people enjoying the summer sun by the pool, without ever thinking of the potential disaster that could take place if the eReader fell in the pool.

No, eBook readers don’t pose a threat to human health, and there really is no danger of electrocution if dropping one in water, but upon contact with liquids, chances are they might not work anymore. Reading while swimming is not only incredibly ridiculous, but also quite impossible, so B&N didn’t create the waterproof NOOK GlowLight Plus for such scenarios. Instead, the manufacturer made the eBook reader waterproof for accidents that might involve the eReader making contact with liquids.

Here is what Barnes & Noble have to say about their latest product:

“Our best eReader ever harnesses advanced technology to keep reading pure and simple. Enhanced contrast and higher resolution make each page read like paper in any light. Bath, pool, or mountainside — it’s the perfect companion. Its premium construction and scratch-resistant polymer screen mean it’s built to last. It’s waterproof and dust-resistant, too!

With the latest GlowLight technology, NOOK keeps reading easy and glare-free in bright sun or at bedtime, when you want to stay lost in your book without keeping someone else awake. Dip into B&N Readouts daily for a taste of romance, mystery, or fantasy, and to find unexpected treats across a range of topics. It’s curated by our editors to surprise and delight you — and it’s free on the new GlowLight Plus.”

It took B&N two years to update their original NOOK GlowLight, but the wait was well worth it. The updated NOOK GlowLight Plus features a glare-free display, along with adjustable ambient light, something that’s also present in Amazon’s Kindle Voyage. The 1072 x 1448 eInk touchscreen display has a pixel density of 300 dpi, which makes text clear and readable regardless of the font you’re using.

At 6.4 x 4 x 0.34 inches in size and 6.9 ounces in weight, the new NOOK GlowLight Plus remains an extremely portable device that fits without problems in pockets, backpacks and messenger bags. In other words, you can take it with you wherever you want, regardless if you’re traveling through the urban jungle, or if you’re trekking through the woods. It may not be shock proof, but for the time being, B&N’s eReader is waterproof, so it can be used by the pool without having to worry about what might happen if you drop it in the water.

In terms of software, the new NOOK GlowLight Plus runs Google’s old Android 4.4 KitKat, and there has been no word for the eReader manufacturer on whether the OS will be updated to a newer version or not.

The NOOK GlowLight Plus can be purchased as of now straight from B&N for $130. While that price puts it somewhere between the second generation Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Voyage, it is worth mentioning that none of Amazon’s eReaders is waterproof, so Barnes & Noble definitely has the ball in its court in this department.

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