Give Your eBooks a Cozy Home with Inateck’s Kindle Paperwhite Felt Case

As great as Amazon’s eBook readers may be, they are very fragile, and even the slightest drop could deem them unusable. Inateck’s Kindle Paperwhite felt case provides them their much needed protection so that you can carry on with reading without having to worry.

Leipzig, Germany-based Inateck is a company that specializes in computer peripherals and accessories for Apple products, Android devices and Kindle e-readers. There’s a entire line of Kindle cases that includes book-like covers in various colors and the KPB-GR felt sleeve. Each of these has some advantages over the other, so it’s nice to see that Inateck has considered covering all the bases.

Measuring 20x14cm, this felt sleeve is marketed towards Kindle Paperwhite 1 & 2 owners, but it will fit the basic Kindle without any problems, as the size differences between these models are really negligible. The design is simple, yet attractive, with just white seaming and a narrow leather strap adding a touch of color to the otherwise gray mass. Another aspect that’s worth mentioning is the discreet Inateck logo that’s embossed on both sides of a piece of rubber attached to the sleeve’s bottom right side. I’m glad the manufacturer intends to attract attention with the product itself, and not with a logo that covers an entire side, as is the case with other companies.

So how does Inateck’s Kindle Paperwhite felt sleeve work in a real-life scenario? The case is snug, which means that the eBook reader won’t be able to slide out not even when you’re holding the sleeve upside down and the leather strap is not attached with the Velcro. To get the eBook reader out of the case you don’t need to insert your hand inside it. Just pull the leather strap gently (the company advises against pulling it too hard, as it might detach) and grab the reader by the bezel.

Inateck takes pride in having created a sustainable and renewable product from a plastic-free, metal-free, and thus environmentally friendly material. Personally, I think that the company has done a great job at creating a fashionable cover for the Kindle Paperwhite. That is not to say that the KPB-GR felt case doesn’t have its drawbacks, though.

The sleeve may offer better protection than its book cover counterparts, but it doesn’t provide quick access to the eBook reader the same way those do. Besides that, the book cover Kindle cases can turn the screen on or off, so you don’t have to press the power button each time you’re in the mood for reading. These problems are addressed in the other Inateck Kindle cases, so you cannot blame the company for not thinking about them. It’s just that different readers have different needs, and while some may find the KPB-GR sleeve more attractive, others will go for the book cover cases.

The Inateck KPB-GR Kindle Paperwhite felt case is available on Amazon US for $12.99, as well as on Amazon UK / Germany / France / Italy / Spain / Japan and Canada. Kindle Voyage has been out for a couple of months now, but the basic version and the Paperwhite won’t be discontinued any time soon, especially since Amazon upgrades them each year, so if you’re considering buying an eBook reader, you should also think of ways to protect it.

Not at last, I would like to thank Inateck for sending me a product sample for this hands-on review. Stay tuned, as more will follow!

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