Here’s the Man Who Lives in a Boeing 727-200

There is something really exhilarating about the idea of living in the woods, and if one happens to live in a house that happens to be an old plane, it’s all much the better.

Bruce Cambell is one helluva flying man who doesn’t actually fly planes but lives in one.

He purchased a Boeing 727-200 for $100,000 and converted into a sustainable house which he has installed right in the middle of Oregon woods.

He had to pay $17,000 to move the aircraft from the airport to a workshop, $20,000 to rent that place, $21,600 to remove the wings and tail and finally he spent $25,000 to have it moved to the place he calls home.

He has left much of the equipment inside the plane intact and uses the cockpit as a place to study. A computer is attached to the instrument panel and the original water tank is used by the clothes washer.

He however used translucent panels to help visitors see the plane’s ribs and controlling cables.

The translucent floor looks almost surreal and it is probably one of the reasons why you should make that trip to Oregon and pay Bruce a visit. We had also covered a similar story in which an Airplane Fuselage was converted into a hotel room.