Totally Rad Vacuum Powered Wall Climbing Gloves

Wall climbing as an activity is not only admired by many people but also seen with suspicion and fear by others.

In fact, there are many cities across the world where climbing walls without a permit is banned and punishable. However, that does not stop people from devising new ways to scale walls, much like Spiderman. Utah State University’s ‘Ascending Aggies’ have unveiled a new video of their vacuum-powered wall-climbing gloves.

The only hitch though is that they make a lot of noise and you will not be able to creep up a wall unnoticed. In the video, the students use a brick wall to climb and the activity certainly looks pretty scary though it is part of a college project. In fact, these students can be mistaken for professional wall climbers or even better, movie stunt men.

If only they can work on the noise, these gloves may even find practical applications as you do not find too many gloves there that help you climb a wall using vacuum as the basic scientific concept. You could also take a look at this Wall Crawling Robot that looks pretty cool. The Gecko Tank-bot Scales walls more easily than its human peers.