Unique Phone Booths Line the Streets of Sao Paulo

Next time you are in Sao Paulo in need of a phone, it is hard to miss any one of the one hundred uniquely designed phone booths, decorating the streets of the city.While payphones aren’t used anymore, because most people favor their cell phones, they are still necessary to have in cases of emergency. And in Sao Paulo, Brazil, they are taking payphones, a “tolerable eyesore” and turning them into part of the city décor.

In this Brazilian city, the payphones no longer serve only one purpose – to help people make phone calls – but also another service – beautify the city. The public creative art project, known as Call Parade, has transformed roughly one-hundred telephone booths into one-hundred works of art done by one-hundred different artists.

Every phone booth is the inventive idea of the artist’s imagination. They are illustrated and depict anything from cartoon fish to a coconut. The design is completely up to the artist’s take on what to do with these helmet-shaped phone booths.

Check out some of the amazing designs below!

(Via: My Modern Net)

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