Sega Genesis Shock Collar Mod By Furrtek

See how one modded Genesis is a shocking experience for anyone who plays it.

Genezap shock collar mod by Furrtek

Out of all the videogame-related mods I’ve managed to showcase here on Walyou, this is the first where I had to come to terms over its existence. Usually, I’m pretty G.I. Joe gun-ho when it comes to some electrical-engineering wiz dissecting a random gaming machine to serve a greater, if not totally sweet, purpose; see last week’s ultimate retro-console emulator built inside a SNES by Jeffery R. Wilbur.

This time though, the intended design of today’s gaming mod is one that brings only pain for its user. And by user, I should really say guinea pig, because Internet hacker-alias Furrtek’s invention (which you can learn more in-depth info about here if you speak French) is more suited to test the patience of its wearer, like a college-based scientific study where they get some hapless fool off the street and stick him with electrodes, than for entertainment sakes.

Hold the phone. Wait, what the bloop am I talking about. It’s highly entertaining for those watching — duh. And what you will be watching in bursts of laughter is this Sega Genesis Shock Collar, a yes, shock collar – cheekily called the Genezap – made using the classic 16-bit console and an anti-bark dog collar, which gives out a minor safe jolt of electricity if the user fails to meet certain guidelines set by the operator.

For a game like Sonic the Hedgehog, the tripping mechanism for being shocked is when the player loses rings or a life. Furrtek programmed several Genesis games to work with his creation and should no doubt provide endless hours of electrified fun for geeky get-togethers at his house. Just don’t be the guy who forgets to bring the ice or chicken wings, because there’s a good chance you might be its first test subject.

Here’s Furrtek’s Genezap in action. Don’t mind the French, it’s his native tongue… and a lovely one at that. Viva la France!

Alright, I’ve done a swift 150 degrees on this mod. I think it’s superb. Oh, but you know what else is superb here on Walyou and worth mentioning? An environmentally-friendly PC made out of wood and some of your favorite videogames turned into great-looking movie posters.