12 Phrases That Sound Smart But Actually Mean Nothing

You don’t need to actual phrases to sound smart. Just channel your inner old-man-sitting-on-a-swing-porch in some Southern or Midwestern USA town, and you’ll come up with a phrase that sounds really deep, but actually doesn’t mean anything.

“You can only milk a dead cow once.” 

That’s about as political as we’re going to get on this website.

“You can’t trade shoes with a barefoot monkey.”

“You can’t fill a hat with maybes.”

But it seems that Carly Rae Jepsen’s song has filled up the internet with memes and parodies.

“A pit in a peach is worth six in a bucket.”

“There’s never enough time to chew all the ice.”

It usually melts away before you can crack your teeth good.

“A paperclip won’t make the dog sit up.”

“He folded like a wet watermelon.”

Actually makes sense to use while calling a NFL game or Boxing fight.

“It feels like we’re walking towards Cleveland with this one.”

“Every pig gets twisted some weeks.”

Someone in Iowa has probably said this at one point of his life.

“You can’t bend steel with tears.”

What boyfriends always think, but when that first tear comes rollin’, we always cave.

“It’s worth all you’ve got plus five pizzas.”

“As far as I’m concerned, she hangs the moon and neatly folds the sun.”