A Couple of Bottle Openers That Collect Caps

There’s nothing better than kicking back with a nice beverage, like a beer or soda if you’re a teetotaler. You probably already have a bottle opener in one of your kitchen drawers, but what do you do with the caps?

Some people have come up with some neat solutions independent of each other, kind of like the way both Newton and Leibnitz invented calculus about the same time.

The first comes from Stefano De Lollo. The concept is simple: just open the cap and it will drop into a glass receptacle. Congratulations! You now have an instant bottle cap collection.

Bottle opener that collects caps

Bottle opener full of caps

A similar concept is available commercially as the Cap-Trap, which is billed as “an eco-friendly bottle opener.” You clip this to the side of your hip and not litter the beach with the caps for your brewskis. When you find a trash can, just hit a button to properly dispose of all those bottle caps. As for the bottles, you’re still on your own. If you drink enough beers to need one of these, however, you might have deeper problems than just figuring out a place to store your bottle caps.
Cap Trap bottle opener

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