10 Crazy Places To Stash Your Cash

A wise man once eons and eons ago uttered the now famous phrase “a penny saved is a penny earned.” There is no denying,  that since historic times mankind has been rather smitten (to put mildly) with the green shiny stuff. So even if a nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore, when it comes to actually protecting ones cash, no one likes monkey business. Alas, some folks take the art of saving a tad too seriously and have no qualms stashing their cash in the oddest places. Thankfully now paranoid folks don’t need to stuff the mattress with all their earnings, since they have many unique options (don’t you just love consumerism). Don’t believe us? Well, then check out our pick of the craziest  cash stashing safes, that makes the neighborhood bank look so boring and unimaginative.

The Secret Electric Socket Stash

By using this, one would not get electrocuted, but just a tad richer. The Secret Electric Wall Socket compartment hides money and other valuables in plain sight, as it resembles the ubiquitous electric socket. The two plug wall socket comes with a key and is easy on the pocket as well ($7.99 a pop).

The Brief Safe

Even the filthiest or the kinkiest thief will stay away from the rather disgusting looking underwear pictured below. But, as they say looks can be deceptive and this not some frat boy’s inner garments, but a bonafied safe. The marks are intentional (hey even thieves have standards) and the underwear comes with a secret compartment to store cash, checks and documents.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Pouch

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches always tend to elicit waves of childhood nostalgia, but that is certainly not the intention here. The Peanut Butter and Jelly Pouch stashes your money, so that you are never in a jam (pun unintended). Made of photo-realistic fabric and equipped with a magnetic closure, the pouch has a secret compartment. Imaginative, but lets just hope the thieves are not hungry when they break-in.

Coca-Cola Secret Stash Safe

Always Coca-Cola! No we have nothing against Pepsi, but the Coca-Cola Stash Safe inspired this shout-out. Filled with a Cola like substance, the bottle twists open to reveal a compartment, where one can store oodles and oodles (okay, slight exaggeration) of cash.

The Zip-it Crew Sock

No thief is brave enough to rummage through a smelly sock drawer. So, why not hide some cash in the sock? The Zip-it Crew Sock comes with a discreetly hidden pocket and comes with a reinforced cushioned heel and toe area. You can actually purchase them from here, next time you decide to go backpacking through the Himalayas.

D Battery Secret Stash Box

Hide up to $1000 by just spending a measly $4.50 on the D Battery Secret Stash Box. Shaped like a battery, one can stuff single bills easily and for that added protection put the D Battery into a gadget that uses D batteries. Told you it is brilliant.

Secret Stash by Braza

Conscientious women can stuff ‘Double Ds’ (we mean dollars) in their undergarments and travel without worrying about being robbed. The lingerie pocket attaches to the plunge of a bra or the hip of underwear, so that one can hide money discreetly.

The Stash Safe Candle

Lighting candles for aromatherapy is so passe and next time you spot a candle, just remember it may have cash hidden in it. The Stash Safe Candle contains a hidden aluminum cylinder so that one can store their valuables and fool their guests.

The Stash Card

Perfect for the techie and the geek, the Stash Card adds a touch of subterfuge in one’s computing existence. Making use of the now defunct PC Card Slot, the card moonlights as a secret compartment, where one can hide money, keys and other valuables.

Hair Brush Stash Safe Diversion Can

100 strokes of the brush before bed maybe good for the hair, but the Hair Brush Stash Safe is good for the bank balance. Just unscrew the seamless screw-off bottom and store money, credit cards and jewelry inside the container and keep your valuables away from the grubby hands of thieves.