Star Trek Enterprise Plushie

Thinkgeek has come out with another adorably geeky item: a plushie of the Starship Enterprise, something sure to please fans of “Star Trek” and people who just like soft things in general. (And a hat tip to Nerd Approved.)

This officially-licensed piece of merch is perfect if you have little ones and want to raise them up geeky. (Unless you’re a “Star Wars” household, that is.) This Enterprise plushie will cost $25 and is recommended for kids ages 3 and up. Give it a squeeze and it will fire the photon torpedoes. LED lights light up on the engine nacelles at the same time.

Thinkgeek Enterprise plushue

“James T. Kirk never raised a child, but if he did, that baby would teethe on a type-2 phaser, learn to dive-roll before he could walk, and his teddy bear would be a plush Enterprise. Would you want your child to be anything less?” the blurb on ThinkGeek’s site reads. There are plenty of adults, including some reading (and no doubt writing on) this blog who would love to snuggle with the Enterprise as well.

Close-up of Enterprise plushie

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